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16 October 2015 @ 12:00 am
Hi there! How do you do?

I'm S-K. My personal/main account is stringless_kite. On the other hand, this account (silver_kite) is solely for fandom-based related things ;) So far I've mainly used this account for icons, mostly Kanjani8 specifically.

As you can see, I'm fairly new to making icons because I'm still learning. Graphics design is definitely not my major which explains for my icons not being as good as many makers on LJ.

This journal was created on whim and is the result of procrastinating and an attempt to be creative. I update this journal spontaneously depending on my mood. You don't have to comment if you're taking any of my icons but they are love!. On the other hand, you should remember to at least credit my works.

That's about it. Feel free to add me. If you have any questions, shoot away! ;)


LJ Sources: astarrydream, cookiesmon, c_shayne, daelite, jesychan, kea_ronny, koshifuri, lady_mercury, akumanakoi, veessentielle, ohryouchipi, pashoshi, ryoaday, shoolyna, skycouldfall, uchi_a_day & yadaeighter

Non-LJ Sources: animegalleries.net, asianfanatics.net, hachithree.blogspot.com, inuyashaworld.com, last.fm, lifeisgoodtrans.wordpress.com, nana-nana.net, weheartit.com